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About the Civil War

When Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860, the country prepared for war. Mr. Lincoln was determined to abolish slavery and keep the United States together, but eleven southern states seceded from the Union to form the Confederate States of America.

The first shots of the Civil War were fired on April 12, 1861, when Confederate soldiers bombarded U.S. Army troops at Fort Sumter on the South Carolina coast.

Civil War Links

Valley of the Shadow
Explore the timeline which is wonderful for researchers. It is in calendar format and runs from 1859 to 1867. There are major events and little stuff like an ice storm in Franklin County which froze a farmer on his way to the barn. Great for writers.

Camp Life
Fascinating details about the day-to-day life of soldiers and officers. Photographs of objects in the Civil War Collections from Gettysburg National Military Park make history come to life. Be sure to explore the section on battling boredom.

Museum of African American History
Visit this website and take an online tour of old Boston along the Black Heritage Trail. Check for upcoming events at the museum.

The 54th Massachusetts Infantry
The 54th Massachusetts Regiment was the first black regiment recruited in the North

Olustee Battlefield State Historical Park
At this site, there is a photo gallery from a Civil War reenactment as well as pictures of the park's monuments.

Stephen C. Foster State Park (Okefenokee Swamp)
Here you will find information and pictures about the park, the swamp, and the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

Abraham Lincoln Online
Abraham Lincoln Online offers Lincoln news, discussion, Lincoln speeches, historic places connected to Lincoln, Lincoln events, Lincoln books, Lincoln resources, and Lincoln links.

The Civil War
The History Place has developed a complete timeline of the Civil War  for students with links on key battles and events.

Three Days at Gettysburg
An in-depth look at the events of Gettysburg. A wonderful resource for students and teachers.

Civil War Clipart
A collection of clipart including weapons, uniforms and Civil War Leaders. Some clipart from this source was used to create this site.

Music of the War Between the States
A wonderful source for songs written and sung during the Civil War.

Lee's Retreat Tour
Lee's Retreat and more Civil War battlefields and sites in Southside Virginia

Selected Civil War Photographs
From the Library of Congress collection.


Related Books
There are many books about the Civil War which young people can read and enjoy while they learn more about this fearsome war. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Ghost Cadet by Elaine Marie Alphin
  • The Boys' War by Jim Murphy
  • Nightjohn by Gary Paulsen
  • Bull Run by Paul Fleishman
  • Killer Angels by Michael Shaara
  • Tree Castle Island by Jean Craighead George