for Young People  



Shenandoah, Daughter of the Stars is the story of three young people who live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia through the Civil War and the early days of Reconstruction.

Hannah Yeager is not like her Confederate neighbors. She and her parents remain loyal to the Union and President Lincoln. She daydreams about finding her own true love but learns to do what she must do to survive in her war-torn valley.

Hannah’s younger brother, Willy is a rascal. He defies his family and runs away to join a raider band to terrorize the Union Army in the valley.

Charlie Richison is a cadet at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington. He dreams of bringing honor to the Confederacy, to his family, and to himself. He joins other VMI cadets to fight against the Union Army in the Battle of New Market.

The 1864 Battle of New Market, the burning of VMI, Mosby’s Raiders, and a “crazy” old man who empowers Hannah are the backdrop for this young-adult novel that illustrates the bravery and resourcefulness of the American Spirit.